Raleigh turned nine in September 2003. He is a Champion in Conformation (finished before one year old), has a Companion Dog Excellence in Obedience and a junior Earthdog title. Being titles in three different activities bestows another title on him, Versatile Dog. The Versatile Dog title is not an AKC title, but one given by the West Highland White Terrier Club of America. Raleigh was our first show dog and just like the oldest sibling, got all the attention, photographs, and exposure until the others came along.

Ch. Mac-Ken-Char Sams Rising Star
CDX, JE (Raleigh)

Ali came to us by way of Canada where she won the West Highland White Terrier Club of Canada National Sweepstakes as well as several Canadian Group placements. We think of Ali as sort of the “sophisticated” type, not too interested in obedience and rats. She just wants to be pampered. Ali has had two litters of puppies with a Champion (Duncan) in the first litter and another (Whitney) on her way to a Champion title.

Am. and Ca. Ch. Leman Alice of Stokaree, (Ali)

Tori is the “tomboy” of the family. She is always happy and will “talk” you blue in the face. (If you’ve ever heard a dog ‘talk’, you’ll know exactly what I mean. She doesn’t bark much; it’s sort of a “woo,woo”). Tori has also had two litters and three of her puppies (Jackie, Kelly, and McLeod) are currently being shown in conformation.

Ch Whitecliff Tori O’Tareyn (Tori)

Duncan, owned by Robert and Lisa Brown, is our first home bred champion. Duncan’s dam is Ali and his sire is Ch BCK’s Leisure Suit Larry, himself a specialty winning dog. 

Ch. Clayridge High Five (Duncan)

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